In the past few years, Zen Water has provided thousands of satisfied customers with the best premium alkaline mineral water. 

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A.Bass (Oct 2012) - The water tastes so good 
The water tastes so good from this filter. Only use 1 washer on the spout not 2 like the instructions say. My daughter's friend asked if it was Fiji water I said no it's from my filter but it tastes that good.

Erin W. (Sep 2012) - I highly recommend it for those people trying to achieve an alkaline state 
I recently started an alkaline diet due to a diagnosis of Stage IV cancer. The filtration system is awesome and the cost is so reasonable. I had a person trying to sell me an $1800 system which I can't afford. I've tasted alkaline water before and it tastes just like this little filtration system produces. I highly recommend it for those people trying to achieve an alkaline state. 

JannaBlack, OK (Aug 2012) – Saves a ton of money on bottled water 
This is a great product. Easy to assemble, use and clean. Saves a ton of money on bottled water. The only thing I wish were different is the amount of time it takes to filter the water. It does take hours. If you have a large family with a high daily water consumption rate I would definetly recommend buying the larger version of this product. The water tastes great!

Daisy, (Aug 2012) - I have asthma and after my first glass of water I notice I could take deep breaths without my inhaler 
Great counter top filter! Be sure you run the water through 3-4 times to clean out excess minerals, then it tastes great!!! We are so excited with this. I have asthma and after my first glass of water I notice I could take deep breaths without my inhaler. There is no other medicine I was taking that day for my asthma. It was while drinking my first glass of Zen water I noticed I was able to take full deep breaths. I no longer have asthma as long as I drink my mineral water from Zen. My family love's the taste. It is very smooth tasting. I love the infrared rocks that I have read rejuvenates cells, and the other healing properties from Zen water filters systems!!!

H. Hoog "Fyrechick", FL (Jun 2012) – We have owned it for over 2 yrs now without ANY issues 
I should have reviewed earlier but I just forgot to do it. Today I was looking online for the link to send to a friend who also wants one of these and I realized that I should review this. The unit it awesome we have owned it for over 2 yrs now without ANY issues at all including ordering replacement filters.

Narizonan, (Oct 2012) – The Zen Water filter would pay for itself in just a few months 
We've been using the water filter for about 3 months and it's been great. Previously we were buying 5 gallons at a time from the filter at the health food store, and we realized that the Zen Water filter would pay for itself in just a few months given the amount of water we were buying, especially when factoring in the gas used to haul the water.

No complaints at all about the water. I would like to know exactly how much the filter changes the pH of the water, since alkaline water is important to us. Either way, I'm sure its as good if not better than what we were drinking before. It's fascinating to watch the ceramic dome turn brown over the course of a month---all that rust would have been in our bodies! A quick scrub once a month leaves the dome as good as new.

What I like BEST about this filter is the company behind it. Recently the spigot developed a leak, and I asked Zen Water for suggestions on how to tighten the seal. They responded the same day by sending us an entirely new spigot at no cost! This is the kind of response that will keep me loyal to their products, and leads to this positive review.

Tara S., Morrison, CO (Jul 2012) - Water filter system is awesome! 
It wasn't as hard to set up as everyone said, but it does take some time. Don't expect great water right away, I would say it was ready after a couple of days. However, it was worth the wait. Seriously the best water I have had. Everyone who has tried it agrees. Fantastic! 

Katrin C., Danville, CA (Jun 2012) – Voila…fresh, clean water in the morning 
This product arrived quickly. It was not complicated to put together. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put together a water dispenser. The first additions of water did take a long time to percolate through, but just do it overnight and voila…fresh, clean water in the morning. 

Donald W., (Aug 2012) – The best water I've ever had 
Zen water 8 gallon tank I have to give it hands down ten stars the best water I've ever had

Bob L., (Jul 2012) - The water tastes fantastic 
We moved from high in the CO mountains where we had delicious, natural well water to the municipal junk provided in central TX. I researched many different filtration systems. I wanted something gravity fed (no electricity) that gave me water full of the good stuff water is supposed to have and removed all the crap. Plus I am cheap.

Overall this system is great. The water tastes fantastic and everyone who drinks it finds themselves subconsciously compelled to keep refilling their glass and drinking as much as they can. Four of my friends who have tried it have each bought their own systems.

My only complaint is that is does not remove fluoride. One would think they could have incorporated activated alumina into the filter somehow. Oh well.

Straight tap water is pretty much undrinkable to us now. Distilled or bottled water tastes empty and dead. We use Zen for all of our cooking and drinking and will probably never go back.

Jeannine T (Jul 2012) – Very satisfied with this product 
Very satisfied with this product. I found the instructions quite straightforward and the set-up went smoothly. The spigot needed several turns to be leak-free, but I knew that in advance. No problems noted after 30+ days of use. We love it and recommend it! 

James R., Sherman Oaks, CA (Jul 2012) – The water tastes great 
Very happy with this product and the taste of the water. Easy set-up and product is exactly how they described and the value is outstanding. Have used this now for several weeks and the water tastes great. 

Tangela A., Hudson, FL (Jun 2012) – It is awesome 
I'm so happy I bought this it is awesome.. does what it should and great tasting water... I'm getting my mom one as well... Thanks so much.. 

Ed/Mary W., Toledo, OH (May 2012) – Now I don't have to worry about an expensive water distiller 
Great service and great product- I am very satisfied. Now I don't have to worry about an expensive water distiller. I can just rely on this multilevel filter system and best of all the water tastes great. 

Harley W, Matewan, WV (Jul 2012) – The Zen Water systems should be in every home 
I gave this seller 5 stars - will order one more in the coming days. The Zen Water systems should be in every home. 

Richard B., Bronx, NY (May 2012) – The water came out amazing 
Works as described and the water come out amazing. I bought all the replacement filters as well as the magnetic spigot from Zen. I will buy more and keep them on hand. I bought the 8 gallon unit because I use the water for cooking, watering plants and drinking. 

Frank L., San Francisco, CA (Mar 2012) – Costs hundreds less than its competitors 
Water filler arrived quickly and undamaged. Prior to buying the Zen Water system, many question were answered by the customer service reps at the company. Very friendly and helpful. This unit costs hundreds less than its competitor's brand and works much better. 

Pamela S., McEwen, TN (Mar 2012) – So thankful that I found it 
Excellent service. The water filter system is what I wanted for a long time. So thankful that I found it. 

Velma W., McKeesport, PA (May 2012) – I love it! 
I love it! Water is soooo refreshing! Everything they said was true. Would recommend to anyone! 

David M., Waurika, OK (Mar 2012) – This thins is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! 
This thing is GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't tasted water this good sense the 1950's... Easy setup with the proper prep work !!!! I will get another, possably larger in thre near future. Thanks for this great product !! 

Deborah S., Indianapolis, IN (Mar 2012) – I wouldn't consider any other filter 
Had one of these before it is excellent!!!! I wouldn't consider any other filter. So glad I have one again. My previous one got so much use by the family and only broke during a house move. It meets expectations and beyond. 

LivinOnTampaTime, (Jun 2012) – This product will pay for itself in less than two months 
I was spending $10 a week on bottled water. This product will pay for itself in less than two months, and the quality of water is so much better than what you can buy in the store. The set-up was a little more time consuming than anticipated, but was incredibly easy if you just follow the directions. In fact, my 13 year old son did all the assembling. The filtration process is pretty slow, but just fill it up before you go to bed. It also takes a couple of minutes to fill up a gallon jug, but the taste of the water is worth the wait. My whole family, including two teenaged kids, really enjoy this product. I'm recommending it to all my family and friends!

J.V.B., (Jun 2012) - I also use this for my Salt water reef tank 
Ok, so I have had this product for about 2 weeks now. I use it to make my coffee, drink, and cook with. The water is great tasting, after drinking this water for two weeks, both my wife and I noticed that the TAP water smells like a ton of chlorine. It's like drinking this water has woke my senses up. We have a 2 stage filter in our fridge which does a descent job but does not compare to this filter, and for the price!! you can't go wrong. Water is smooth and tasteless. The filters have long life as well and it also comes with a 15% off your first order which we ordered two extra water filters. To clarify the filter life (which you could find on their site had you taken the time to read, directed toward a two star review!)

*The five stage filter is good for 6 months or 500 Gal (whichever comes first) the top Dome ceramic filter is good for 1,000 Gal. or every year and the stones need to replaced every 3 years or so. The system does not remove fluoride because it is a completely dissolved mineral/chemical but does remove 99% of everything else. Any who, the quality of the water you are getting from a 69$ system is going to be way better than any Britta or Pur system; also the filters are way cheaper. Paid less than 15$ a piece (with discount) and I have filters for the next year in a half.

Now about being cheap...I don't see anything that would make this any way cheap. I think the construction is fine for the use of the product (I am not camping with it or anything). Those who had cracked pieces where maybe due to shipping, that is from a third party shipper; and for anyone who has leaks..Well they provide silicon washers which are great because they don't crack or corrode over time. If you have leaks in any of the spout of dome filter area check to make sure you did not over tighten, also wet the washers a bit before applying. In the begging I had a tiny drip from the dome filter to the five stage filter. I had over tightened the wing nut. The problem was fixed after taking them off, wetting the washer and re- applying the nut at a "snug" fitting and half turn tighten till the leak was gone! product

I also use this for my Salt water reef tank. Now for anyone looking to do this or has been searching around for a cheap solution to wasteful RO units or just want to save some money you may want to look into this unit. I do still use PRIME water conditioner and let water sit for 48 hours prior to use..and oh yeah I also have Phosguard in a netted bag that soaks in the water for 24 hours (to remove any phosphates that may be in the water). It does work great; I have no hair Algae growth or any brown or purple algae at all! and I feed 3 times daily. Now just a reminder, do not use the mineral stone that comes with the filter system, I just use it when we want drinking water and sometimes I do without it all together. Long story short, if the water quality allows my sps, zoas, and mushroom corals to thrive then the water quality must be better than tap water.

DryAd, Minneapolis, MN (Jun 2012) - My cats love water from this filter 
When I first placed my order, the estimated delivery date was a week later. The seller shipped the filter immediately and I actually received the filter in five days, or two days earlier than that estimated date. The set up was a bit of a PITA, with the soaking and flushing, etc., but in the end I'm glad I did it because it was worth it to get really nice water to drink. :)

The is mostly an aesthetic comment, but from what customer service told me, the manufacturer has recently changed the size of the nut for the tap (made it longer) and now the mineral case doesn't sit neatly in the depression at the bottom of the tank. It doesn't change the effectiveness of the mineral stones, and I'll probably just take them out of the case and scatter them on the bottom of the tank -- that was a suggestion from the customer service rep. My other comment is that if the bottom tank is full and there's water in the top tank, I've noticed a slow drip from the seam where the water drains into the filter and the bottom tank. So I just don't overfill the tanks and it works just fine.

Also, the brochure mentions a video for the set up on the Zen Water website, but it's been taken down. If you ask, customer service will send you a link for the video.

Now that I've been using the filter for a week, I'm really pleased with my purchase -- I keep a gallon of the filtered water in the fridge for drinking because I like cold water, and I use the filter on the countertop for coffee (cold press and brewed), making water kefir, cooking, and for the cats. My cats LOVE water from this filter. They would never before drink out of a bowl, but would splash the water around and drink out of the faucet, and even with the faucet, they would dig at the sink because it didn't smell quite right (the city treats our water with both chlorine and ammonia). When I put my first glass of the filtered water down for a couple of minutes, two of the cats stuck their heads into the glass and drank as much as they could reach. Now when I give them a bowl of water, they drink it and don't play with it.

I wish I could give half stars, because I think this is a 4 1/2 star product.

Kim I., TX (Oct 2012) – Coffee and tea are smoother too 
Very pleased with this product. It does take a while the first few times for the water to filter down, but it does get quicker. We have an extra container to put the filtered water in- so we can always have water filtering and don't have to wait. It does require some set up time- mainly washing the packing dust off, soaking the dome, boiling the rocks and running water through the filter. Took me about 30 minutes to get it going. The one problem I had was that once we put the spigot on, the rocks in their plastic container would not fit properly. It states on the instructions that you have the option to use them without the case so that is how we use it. Really think I prefer it that way!

The water is great! Coffee and tea are smoother, too.

Be prepared- it is large and does take up space, but if you have room for it, I highly recommend this water filtering system!

Journeyman for Jesus "Ben", (Oct 2012) – Found it to be excellent 
We have had this filter for about 6 months.We have also had the chance to try the similar or almost the same, but much much more expensive other brand. After some intensive online studies and the reading of quite a few reviews we purchased this unit, and have found it to be an excellent and true to its as advertised purchase.

R. Shier "Agentfyre", (Aug 2012) – Test it against Fiji or distilled 
I got the 4 gallon model. That's plenty for our family of 2 adults and 2 children under 2. I got this to raise the pH of the water and because I was sick of bleaching algae out of my Brita countertop filter every month.